Fully Managed WS API Sandbox

The perfect solution for businesses – save time and money by using our fully managed websocket API sandbox solution.

Provide your customers with a tailor-made, white-labeled, websocket client for easier than ever integration with your product.

Stop wasting your previous and expensive development time, let your teams focus on what really matters – your business.

Easy and free-to-use Websocket sandbox

What is Sandy white-label?

The best solution for busy businesses with Websocket API

Sandy white-label solution is a fully-managed, WebSocket API sandbox for your product.

Save your development teams headache for developing your own sandbox or providing support for confused users! Let Sandy do the work for you. 

Sandy white-label is fully managed, meaning you can forget about handling hosting, certificates, availability or any other technical issues – let your team focus on what matters for your business.

White label sandbox for premium look

Sandy white-label is fully customized. Use your brand logo and privacy policy for that professional look your clients are looking for.

Sandy also support connecting your sub-domain (eg sandbox.yourband.com) so your clients won’t leave your domain at all.

Improve the development, debugging and testing capabilities of your teams.

A major part of API development is debugging and testing, which requires a specialized tool. Developing such tool can take a very long time and cost much.

Using Sandy white-label solution, you could save your development teams weeks or months of work! Provide your QA a tool they can trust when looking for those nasty bugs.

Own a powerful tool in your support arsenal.

Having a professional sandbox for your websocket API can be a lifesaver for business’ support efforts. Having all of Sandy best features in the your API sandbox is so powerful, your development team will use it too!

Have a better quality product.

All of the powerful capabilities of Sandy white-label solution are here to make your API much more reliable. When talking business, reliability and quality equals money – it’s that easy.

Help your teams make sure your WS API is up with the highest standards.

Not sure about Sandy? Give it a try.

If you’re still not sure what Sandy can offer, we highly recommend trying it for yourself with our free-to-use version.

This is how Sandy looks like

Have your tailored-made API sandbox made now